Bringing a Tribunal claim

ACAS early conciliation


Before you can bring your claim in the Employment Tribunal, you must notify ACAS of your claim. It is sensible to use the early conciliation service to seek to settle your claim before embarking upon proceedings. You are under no obligation to accept an offer put forward by your employer or former employer, although rejecting a reasonable offer can have costs implications for you if you go ahead with your claim, so it is sensible to get advice before making any decision. 

  If no settlement is reached, you will be provided with a certificate which enables you to proceed to the Employment Tribunal with your claim.  

There are strict time limits for bringing a claim in the Employment Tribunal so do not delay getting advice.

Our commitment to our claimant clients

Bringing a claim in the Employment Tribunal can be a stressful, drawn out and costly exercise but by putting your case in the hands of experts you can make the experience as pain free as it can be. 

Generally in a Tribunal case each party has to bear their own costs, whether they win or lose, and this will be a major factor to be taken into account when considering how you should proceed. 

We will discuss funding options with you, including legal expenses insurance and in some cases 'no win no fee' arrangements.

We will be open and honest with you about your chances of success and the likely value of your claim. We will discuss settlement options with you and give you our best judgment on any offer put forward.

If your case does proceed to a hearing, we will provide you with the best possible representation.

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