Services for Businesses and other organisations

ChefsEmployment law is a complex field, full of potential pitfalls for employers and the penalties for getting it wrong are high.

But it is not just about legal compliance. The actions you take involve real people in real situations and a thorough understanding of the practical application of employment law and practice is required to balance employees’ rights with the needs of your business. No employer can afford to be without some form of employment law resource for its organisation and our team of experienced employment lawyers is on hand to assist.

Working closely with our clients and understanding their business enables us to assist with strategic planning and prevent unnecessary employment disputes.

Our advice is practical, to the point and easy to understand.  We tell you the law, apply it to your situation, explain all the options and help you make an informed decision on what action to take.

Our Employment Law Service to You

At Bulfin & Co we understand that employers’ needs vary according to the size of their organisation and the skills, experience and expertise of their managers.  Therefore our employment law solutions are always tailored to our clients’ needs and budget.

For further details on our Employment Law services, visit our strictlyemploymentlaw website.

Working in partnership

We value the importance of fully understanding our clients’ needs to ensure a successful working partnership. In making every effort to do this, we can develop a package to meet our clients’ requirements, which can also include payment on a fixed fee basis. Examples of some of the services we offer are:

  • Advice on a full range of employment law issues
  • An audit of your Company’s employment documentation
  • Drafting employment contracts, policies and procedures
  • Preparing and negotiating severance agreements
  • Training programmes
  • Handling your reorganisation or restructuring
  • Redundancy programmes
  • Correspondence with solicitors in relation to employee issues
  • Employment Tribunal representation
  • Regular/ad-hoc telephone advice
  • Regular updates

Be assured that because we offer services only in relation to employment law, we have no objection to working alongside other solicitors, whether in house or external, or other professionals who may already be advising you in other fields.

To find out more about our services for Businesses please contact Karen Bulfin on 020 8866 0044 or email her at