Employment Tribunal Compensation

Before you embark upon bringing any claim in the Employment Tribunal you need to have a realistic expectation as to what you might expect to recover. Currently the maximum compensation that can be awarded in a straightforward unfair dismissal claim is £90,494, comprising a maximum basic award of £13,920 and a maximum compensatory award of £76,574 or one year’s gross salary if lower*, However, there are some claims where there is no upper ceiling on compensation. This includes any form of discrimination.

However, in reality few awards are at this level, because compensation is based largely on the Claimant’s actual loss of earning. The following gives the true picture for Employment Tribunal compensation claims during the financial year 2011-12, showing the average awards made at tribunal and also the average length of time a claim takes from receipt of the ET1 at the Tribunal to the final judgement being sent to all parties,

Jurisdiction Average Award
(all claims)
Average Time in Weeks
(all single claims)
Age Discrimination £6,065 24
Disability Discrimination £8,928 29
Race Discrimination £5,256 30
Religious Belief Discrimination £4,267 30
Sex Discrimination £6,746 27
Sexual Orientation Discrimination £13,505 25
Unfair Dismissal £4,560 18

Source: ET and EAT Annual Statistics 2011-12

Note: The average has been measured by the ‘median’ which is the middle number in a series of numbers that have been ranked from lowest to highest.

*The Government may in the future adjust the one year salary cap to reflect the national median salary

Working out your compensation

In order to estimate  the value of any claims you want to bring, we will need certain information from you. It is helpful if you have this to hand when you first consult us:

  • Your age
  • The dates of your employment
  • Your net pay details and information about other benefits
  • Details of any payments received from your former employer on termination e.g Pay in lieu of notice
  • Evidence of the efforts you have made to find another job
  • Start date of new job
  • Pay details if you have found another job
  • Expectation of finding another job if you have not yet found one
  • Details of any welfare benefits you have received since termination of your employment
  • Any other sums due to you by your former employer