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The Employment Tribunal

Whilst the Employment Tribunal started life as the Industrial Tribunal, where employees could air their grievances about the way their employer had treated them in a less formal environment than a court of law, as employment law has become more complex and legalistic, so too has the Employment Tribunal. Although still less formal than a Court, the Tribunal has become a place where legal etiquette, strict time limits and legal process dictate and the parties are more often than not represented by specialist Employment Lawyers.  

Whether you are the Claimant (employee) or the Respondent (employer) you will benefit from expert legal help with your case so contact us for advice at an early stage.


If you are bringing a claim in the Tribunal, you are known as the Claimant.


There are many things to consider  when contemplating bringing a claim in the Employment Tribunal against your employer or former employer.


Apart from needing to know how strong your case is and how much you might recover in compensation, you need to understand the process, how long it will take and how much it will cost.  Talk to us before you take any steps towards initiating a case which you might later regret.


If you are the Employer and an Employee or former Employee is bringing or threatening to bring a claim against you in  Employment Tribunal, you are the Respondent.

You can't ignore a claim, you need to take action straight away to protect your organisation. Choose us as your Litigation partner and we will help you make the right decision about how best to deal with the claim.

employment appeal tribunal

If you are thinking of appealing a recent Employment Tribunal decision or a case you have recently won is being appealed by the other side, you will need expert legal help and representation.

We will review your case and tell you whether you have grounds on which to appeal/resist the appeal and how to get the process started. 

What Our Clients Say:


Karen has always been incredibly responsive and gives balanced and considered direction in what is an unbelievably complicated area. Highly recommended

Tim Hedges, Director, ODC Door & Glass Systems Ltd

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