Settlement Agreements

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Settlement Agreements are legal documents setting out agreed terms between an employer and an employee, normally, although not exclusively, in relation to the termination of employment. The most important thing about Settlement Agreements is that the employee agrees to waive their employment law rights and it is a legal requirement that they first receive independent legal advice.


We have been advising on settlement agreements (or as they used to be known, Compromise Agreements) since they first came on the scene in 1996, so you can be sure you are getting expert advice on yours.

Fees normally paid by your employer

The Employer normally pays the legal costs in connection with a settlement agreement and depending on how much their contribution is, more often than not, we can deal with the matter without you incurring additional costs.   


Our charges start at £250 plus VAT. This fee covers a telephone consultation of up to around 45 mins, in which we give you the statutory advice. and signing off the agreement.


If we suggest amendments to the agreement or areas where you may be able to negotiate, including improving the financial terms, and you require us to handle the negotiations or make the amendments this is charged at the hourly rate, according to the time spent so it may take you over this basic fee. However, in most cases the Employer's contribution is more than £250 plus VAT so there is a bit extra to cover additional work. 


Except in particularly complex or time consuming cases, fees for dealing with a settlement agreement generally fall within £250 - £500 plus VAT. If we cannot keep within your Employer's contribution, we will let you know so that you can decide whether to instruct us to do the additional work for you or handle the matter yourself with our guidance. 

Very often where the additional costs are justified, an increase to the Employer's contribution can be agreed as part of the negotiations.

Dedicated service - fast turn around

Our dedicated Settlement Agreement service is fast and efficient with appointments normally on the telephone, although we can offer meetings in person or via Zoom or MS Teams.

You send us your Settlement Agreement, contract of employment, if available, and 2 pieces of ID by email and then have your consultation with a Solicitor.

At the consultation, we will take instructions from you about the circumstances in which you have been given the agreement and advise you of your rights, the options open to you and whether the offer is reasonable. Where there is scope to improve the terms offered, we will equip you with the arguments to go back to your employer or if you prefer we can negotiate with your employer on your behalf.

If, however, you are happy with your agreement, it can normally be completed the same day.


We provide you with an Adviser's certificate which is passed on to your Employer to show you have received the statutory advice. It is also customary for the employer to pay the employee's legal costs and unless they require otherwise we will invoice your Employer direct.  


Just tell us you have a Settlement Agreement and we'll do the rest. 


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Got a question about settlement agreements? Check out our Settlement agreement FAQS. 

What Our Clients Say:


Karen has always been incredibly responsive and gives balanced and considered direction in what is an unbelievably complicated area. Highly recommended

Tim Hedges, Director, ODC Door & Glass Systems Ltd