human  cs

Our low cost, pick 'n' mix HR and employment law solution for employers

IWe understand that every business or organisation is different and that their HR and employment law needs will vary according to their size and structure and the level of their in house expertise . 

That's why we have developed human    cs, a completely flexible  and adaptable retained HR solution for every type of Employer.

Humanics noun: Pronunciation /hjuːˈmanɪks/

"The subject or study of human affairs or relations, especially of the human element of a problem or situation as opposed to the mechanical"

Choose from advice only, documentation or both

Build your own employment law document library 

 The benefits of an in house service without the overhead

Prices start at just £ 35  plus VAT per month

Your business is unique so why settle for a 'one size fits all' HR solution when you can build a tailored HR package ?

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human  cs