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Employment Documents

From simple contracts through to policies procedures and handbooks, all Employers need some form of employment documentation for their business.

When you instruct us we will carry out an audit to determine what documentation you need and help you put together your portfolio. Choose from standard templates that you can customise yourself or bespoke documents drafted by us specifically for your business or organisation. Whichever approach you take, we will ensure you have all the documentation you need to protect your business and to ensure legal compliance - and all written in plain English! 

employment contracts

Did you know that you are required to give your employees a contract of employment, or at least a statement of Particulars of Employment, on the first day of employment?

policies & procedures

Do you know which policies and procedures you need and how to draft them so that they are relevant and effective for your organisation?

executives' agreements

Do your senior employees have suitable service agreements covering things like share options, bonus and post termination restraints?

standard letters & forms

Do you have template letters and forms to cover day to day employment situations and do you know how to customise them to suit individual situations?

Bespoke Documentation

Not every business is the same so choosing one size fits all documentation or adapting someone else's documents for your business may not provide you with anything other than a folder of documents that are not fit for purpose.


Bespoke documentation doesn't have to break the bank. If you are starting from scratch we will create a basic set of documentation to get you started, which be later built and expanded upon as your business grows.


If you have documentation already in place, but are not sure of its suitability, why not let us review it for you? If it doesn't quite comply or no longer meets your needs we will help you update and expand it or replace it with brand new documentation tailored to your business.

Our Employment Law Doc-shop


Some documents, such as forms and letters, can be based  on standard templates and require minimal customisation. Other documents can be customised by someone who knows what they are doing.


Whilst care should always be taken when using standard templates, if you or your HR department has enough knowledge to tailor them to your needs, using our quick purchase templates can be a cost effective way of building up your library of documents.


All our standard documents are generic to suit employers across a range of industries and where appropriate contain optional clauses for you to select or omit as needed.


And we are always on hand if you get into a bit of a pickle!

Get a free audit

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What Our Clients Say:


Karen has always been incredibly responsive and gives balanced and considered direction in what is an unbelievably complicated area. Highly recommended

Tim Hedges, Director, ODC Door & Glass Systems Ltd

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